We know Dungeness very well at Bloom Stays, so here is our list of the best things to do in and around the area!


The deserts if dungeness full of shingle will be a fun thing to explore for everyone. Going on a long walk and feeling you’re all by yourself from the few surroundings of a few colourful plants. Giving a lot of space for children to play around.


The beaches are connected to the English channel which is not always safe for anyone, therefore in Dungeness there are two boats upon shore creating a space for you to go into the sea and have fun in the sun.


To get from beach to beach in Dungeness there is a miniature speed train that takes you to 4 different stations. This will supply a fun day out for families to look around different beaches as each stop is seconds away from the water.


Being out on the beaches all there are many places to eat for a quick and easy stop to keep you and your families relaxed. Supplying many fish and chip shops along the coast to have classic fish and chips on the beach in the sun to keep everyone happy.


Dungeness also supplies many activities such as allowing you to climb the lighthouse which has been there since 1961. This will be an enjoyable activity which cant be fulfilled everywhere, reaching views that are unseen before.


Lydd kart circuit is a go karting track not far from dungeness which is indoors so for a fun activity in the coldness, this will be a fun activity


Bird life is big in dungeness so the RSPB nature reserve is a great spot to go on a long walk and look out for different birds whilst going through beautiful nature 


In dungeness there is flat land therefore using the bike hire will give you and your family a activity to explore the beautiful sites of Dungeness


Being by the sea there’s a lifeboat station which as a family would be a fun thing to explore and look at for the younger children to see and explore their boats and the big uniforms they have to wear.


Power station is a place along the beach that is welcome to visitors to have a guarded tour around to see how the station operates.